It snowed. It was just a good thing to do something. Nothing happened for days. **Madison** stood at the window and watched the snow. You had to look into something because you felt like you did not exist anymore. But as long as he can observe the snowfall, he does not cease to exist until he exists. It's been nine days since **Adam** left. He left home and disappeared. Absorbed. Adam may not have it anymore. Even nine days ago there was still a lot. There was. Yes, they were fighting again, but this was not a novelty. The controversy began a year after the release of **Dave**, Adam's oldest friend from prison. It was all right. Indeed, everything worked well, but Dave came out of the night outages, coarse sniffing, then grass, the tablet, and God knows what not. The quarrels began, too. When Madison and Adam met, both of them were very young, but especially the girl. He was still a middle-class, studied as a nurse and had dreams. Adam had such problems, but he was trying to keep himself in control. Even then, Madison was fierce, a rebel who headed to the wall even if he knew he was going to hit himself. Adam was the wall. He was sticking to him, even though his parents did not want to see. They had never seen her, though she had been with her for years and was meeting every day.

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